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Whilst using non timeline with Agordejo,if a file link from non timeline goes to a folder which there are not the permissions for, Agordejo fails to open.

Steps to reproduce:

1: Start new session with non timeline.
2: Drag a wav file into the timeline
3: Save and Close the session, then Agordejo
4: Set the folder with the wav file to no access.
5: Restart Agordejo

The main issue is that Agordejo fails to open with no feedback, unless you have terminal open. Also, if you have multiple links to this folder it only shows one problem per fail.

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#1. lss

Thank you for the report, which I can confirm:

I followed the steps to reproduce and used

sudo chmod 000

to the directory with the original wav file (not the symlink in the session dir).

I can reproduce the problem and already know the cause.

I can also confirm that using non-session-manager / nsm-legacy-gui loads the session without crashing.

#2. lss

I have now changed behaviour to the same as nsm-legacy-gui. The fix is in git:
The session will load. There is a error warning if you have the terminal open.
But the real error message is done by Non-Timeline itself, which will tell you that the audio file had a problem (in the wave form preview).

While I consider the problem fixed I will leave this bug report open for a while for any follow up reports or questions. If you happen to see this after the bug was closed please feel free to open a new one.