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  1. 3 nils Ability to loop more then one measure (by grammoboy)
  2. 2 lss Error when copying session (by Daniel Palma)
  3. 3 lss Fatal Python Error: Segmentation Fault (by Bryan H)
  4. 12 lss Fatal Python error (by David)
  5. 2 nils Fatal Python error during compilation (by Erich Eickmeyer)
  6. 1 nils fluajho: volume low (by grammoboy)
  7. 1 nils Agordejo segfaults when scanning database (by grammoboy)
  8. 1 nils fluajho: routing ordering (by grammoboy)
  9. 1 nils No manpage for binary: /usr/bin/nsm-data (by Erich Eickmeyer)
  10. 2 nils [Solved]Argodejo: display nsm-proxy app label in Full View list? (by milkii)