Vico is a minimalistic Midi sequencer that is intended to be used in parallel with other software.

"Vico" (with c like ts in "bats") just means "sequence" or "order" in Esperanto for obvious reasons.

In a loop- or pattern based environment you often want to have a 'free flowing' track in order to create an instrumental solo, for example. Sometimes you just want to record a sketch or an idea quickly and not open or create an entire DAW project.

Vico fulfills these conditions by connecting exactly one source to one output, and records and plays back in between. Or to put it another way: you only get one track, intended for one instrument (but with convenient layers).

Vico has been written primarily for users of Patroneo, but has no closer technical bond. Patroneo is a program characterized by strict repetitions and constant reuse of very short patterns. With this you can quickly create whole arrangements for drums, bass and accompaniment chords, but a beautiful, long melody is extremely cumbersome. Therefore Vico wants to solve this problem.

However, all programs that run as JACK transport masters or JACK timebase masters are suitable as "remote control".