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fluajho. compiling error

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Congrats for your work.

Compiling fluiajho, i get

% bash

configure: error: fluidsynth 1.0.8 is required


My system does not have that versión

While the latest version of fluidsynth is 2.1.7. Shouldn't it be updated?


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The programs are using Fluidsynth2 since the week fluidsynth2 came out. But Fluajho is also compatible with fluidysynth 1.x.

My guess is that on your distribution application packages are separate from development packages and you don't have fluidsynth2-dev (or so) installed?

a) Which distribution is that? In Arch and Ubuntu/KXStudio there is no need to compile, it is in the repository

b) Please check your package repository for the fluidsynth-dev package for 2.1.7

c) Please report back if that was the cause. If not I need more information


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