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Argodejo:add command line flag to not check for running JACK

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As new|non session management has no dependency on JACK, it would make sense for it's UI to also not depend on it, or at least have a command line flag to skip that specific test (yes I know you argue with user experience - most users will want to have JACK running, etc.)

But, it is not unusual for me to have multiple synthpod_alsa/dummy clients running under new/non session management w/o a running JACK server.

Spinning up a 'jackd -ddummy' just for argodejo to start seems really unnessary.

I expect users to slowly migrate to argodejo from the now really ugly fltk-legacy UI, so others may run into this issue, too.

I may well be the only one, but maybe not ...

I've gotten rid of that check on all of my systems for now with:

sed -i -e 's/^checkJackOrExit/#checkJackOrExit/g' engine/start.py

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Thanks! A command line check is a reasonable suggestion.

There may be more functionality in the future that is directly tied to JACK, from simple X-run counter, jack transport controls or even a patchbay (with the help of existing ones from falktx).

If I establish a jack enabled flag now all these can be gated behind that from the start without the need for refactoring.


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