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Agordejo creating folders in home

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Hi all, just started using Agordejo, loving the whole NSM concept, it's super practical and a great time saver. But I came upon a weird problem. I really don't know if the cause lies with Agor or NSM but since I couldn't see anything similar in NSM's github issues, thought I'd post here first.

I started a new session with Ardour and Hydrogen, all worked fine. After a bit I saved and closed. Restarted the session and changed it's name from the original timestamp one to "My_session".
Then the next time I started the session, Ardour complained that it couldn't find some wav files. After hunting around I found that some were inside number folder in my home directory (~/03 and ~/47) and others were in ~/NSM Sessions/timestamp. Weird thing is the only place that didn't have any of the recorded files was ~/NSM Sessions/My_session .

So like I dunno, I spose my question is whatsup with that? I'm not too keen on having a bunch of number folders in my home. Could/should I move all the file into My_session's ardour audio folder?

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I remember numbered directories in home myself. But I don't know where they are coming from.
Thanks for the report. I'll investigate.


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