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Patroneo crashes when selecting a pattern containing a note with "data.pitch" > 23



First of all, I love Patroneo!! It is suuuuper useful in my workflow.
I have recently started using it and I have encountered an issue.

I have a pattern with a lot of visible notes since I am trying to write some extended chords. From a fresh start, if I create the pattern and write chords with low notes, everything works perfectly and Patreoneo does not crash.

However, if I load the same session, as soon as I click on the pattern name to select it, Patroneo crashes.

I have looked inside the save.patroneo.json file to see what was wrong and I have noticed that Patroneo crashes if the value of "pitch" of the "data" field is greater than 23.

The workaround I have found is to create two separate patterns, one for the left hand and one for the right hand, reducing the number of visible notes.
So the issue is not blocking for me, but it may bother other users.

Thank you!


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#1. lss

Thank you very much for the report.
This is Patroneo Version 2.4.1, right?

I will look into it. It sounds like an easy fix, but you never know :)
I hope it will work out. I am well aware that Patroneo has an upper complexity level that I have not found myself yet.
But I fear it will not scale up to giant projects, given that I explicitly created it as an "quick and easy" program.

While we are here, is there anything you have online that used Patroneo? I am curious what you are doing. There are only a handful users of this program.

#2. lss

I think it is fixed in git. Please try.

#3. mttvn89


Yes, it is Patroneo Version 2.4.1.
I have found something in the manual about that (section 2.3.4): "Normal, and tested, is 1 to about 24 (two chromatic octaves)."

Actually I have nothing online, yet. I am composing a background tutorial song (with 4 instruments: melody, bass, chords and drums). I am routing the MIDI outputs to the instruments in Ardour.
I can easily manage all the instruments, the patterns and their variations in the Patroneo interface.
Once everything is set, I record the MIDI notes in Ardour and then I export the resulting song.

I am going to try to build the new release.
I will keep you posted.

P.S. I am also starting to check Laborejo. I would love to have a hybrid between Patroneo and Laborejo: specifically, writing mode either as musical notation or grid, and structure management as in Patroneo! Just an idea :)

Thanks a lot!

#4. mttvn89

Hello again,

I confirm that the issue is solved!
I have managed to insert a note with index=31.

Thank you soooo much for your reactivity and your work.

Have a nice day,