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Is it possible to add instruments?



It's not clear to me if I can add plugins vst or lv2 to Patroneo. I didn't see any mention of that in the documentation or any workaround. Could you clarify that?


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#1. lss

Patroneo is a JACK program. Each Patter, or Group, is a jack midi output port.

This is mentioned here: https://laborejo.org/patroneo/

Connect external synthesizers and samplers to create sounds.

and in the Introduction of the manual https://laborejo.org/documentation/patroneo/english.html

in the manual under "Basic Principles"

The track is connected to an instrument through JACK, so Patroneo itself does not produce any sounds.

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It can also be seen in the video tutorial, linked in the manual,


#2. Castle

Oh ...thank you very much. I'm new to this, so I'm still learning. Great app!