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agordejo starts nmsd but no GUI or tray icon is visible


I downloaded and built the latest agordejo on F36/Gnome (xorg).

* When I run `agordejo`, no tray icon appears.
* During startup, I see the error message `nsmd: unrecognized option '--version'`
* However, a `ps -ef` shows that `nmsd` is running

The end of out put from starting with `agordejo -V`:

[agordejo] INFO 2022-11-07 11:12:58,726 qtgui.sessiontreecontroller: Full View Session Chooser ready
[agordejo] INFO 2022-11-07 11:12:58,726 qtgui.opensessioncontroller: Full View Open Session Controller ready
nsmd: unrecognized option '--version'
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:2285 main(): Session root is: /home/username/NSM Sessions
[nsmd] ../src/Endpoint.cpp:205 init(): Creating OSC server

$ ps -ef | grep nsm
username 14190 14173 0 11:12 pts/0 00:00:00 nsmd --version

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#1. lss

Thanks for the report.

I am assuming F36 is Fedora.
According to

Fedora only ships nsm version 1.3.2 which was basically the very first released version from June 2020. There have been 6 new releases since then: https://github.com/jackaudio/new-session-manager/releases

nsmd did not provide any --version, manpages or something like this originally, that is why you get an error. But it keeps running. This is not even the real nsmd but just the startup "which nsmd version are you running" to improve compatibility in Agordejo.

Direct solution: Install the recent 1.6.1 nsm release.

Besides that you'll have to wait and I have to make Agordejo
a) check for more nsm errors
b) make it more flexible to work with very old nsm release
c) include an nsm version check during configure and build. Which is ironic because you cannot even check the version of older nsm, as you just have shown :)