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Agordejo config file gets huge


I'm a music hobbyist, running my setup for live gigs based on Agordejo and Carla and I love it!
Since Agordejo 0.3.0, when starting without an existing ~/.config/LaborejoSoftwareSuite/agordejo.conf, starting Agordejo takes forever, and the newly created config file gets as huge as 339MiB (yes, mega).
I have an old Agordejo 0.2.1 package and a backup of it's config file, which is only 387KiB (yes, kilo). If I copy this config file over to the current Agordejo 0.3.1 installation, Agordejo starts as fast as it used to and the config file also doesn't change in size at progam termination.
But if I start program database update manually, searching takes forever, and the config file gets huge again. All subsequent Agordejo starts take forever, too.
I have reproduced this behaviour on 2 machines. It's not a big issue as long as I have a backup of my old config file. But for new users or if compatibility of the config file breaks in future, this will be an issue.

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#1. lss

Tanks for the report. This is a clear bug and should not happen at all.

#2. Ludwig

Thank you for your quick reply!
Should you need any additional information, just ask! I'll be happy to support.

#3. lss

Sorry, it took a while to get around to that.
I cannot replicate it. My file is around 3 MB big.
It sounds like something is recursively adding stuff to that file.

What distribution is this? Maybe I can install that in a VM and have a look for myself.

If you have the capacity maybe you could upload the 339MB file somewhere so I can have a look?

The program database search process is the weakest part of the program at the moment. It needs a different solution, maybe this is a good opportunity.

#4. Ludwig

I'm running pure Arch Linux on all my machines, XFCE, alsa, pulseaudio and jack2 with cadence and bridging enabled. I could also replicate the issue inside a VirtualBox. You can download the file here for you to look:


I hope this helps...!

#5. lss

Thanks. I'll have a look

#6. lss

I was not able to figure out what was going on. Instead I changed the whole program (in git now). Agordejo will not create and cache data anymore, so your problem should be done.