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Agordejo 0.3.0 python 3.10.1 crash on session load


Agordejo crashes with python version 3.10.1
On arch-linux after updating python to version 3.10.1 agordejo crashes when loading any session(even a new empty session)

nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1295 tell_all_clients_session_is_loaded(): Telling all clients that session is loaded...
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1459 load_session_file(): Loaded.
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1467 load_session_file(): Informing GUI about running session name: test empty with relative path /test empty
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1858 osc_open(): Loaded
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1889 osc_open(): Done
INFO:engine.nsmservercontrol:/nsm/gui/server/message ['Done waiting']
INFO:engine.nsmservercontrol:Current Session changed. We are now test empty in test empty
INFO:engine.watcher:Watcher suspended
INFO:engine.nsmservercontrol:Got reply for /nsm/server/open with Loaded.
ERROR:engine.start:Caught crash in execpthook. Trying too execute atexit anyway
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/agordejo/engine/jackclient.py", line 69, in _setPlaybackSeconds
File "/usr/bin/agordejo/qtgui/jacktransport.py", line 98, in _react_playbackSeconds
TypeError: setValue(self, int): argument 1 has unexpected type 'float'
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1133 wait_for_killed_clients_to_die(): Waiting for killed clients to die.
[nsmd] ../src/nsmd.cpp:1162 wait_for_killed_clients_to_die(): All clients have died.
INFO:engine.nsmservercontrol:Stopped our own server with return code 0

:: @Akuruma added on 21 12 20 · 19:20

"NSM Legacy GUI" still works totally fine.

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#1. Akuruma

This post was deleted by its owner

#2. vhorinek

There is a typo in qtgui/jacktransport.py on line 92 where the variable 'progressPercent' is converted to integer but the result is wrongly assigned to a variable 'rogressPercent'. By fixing this typo I got the Agordejo to work.

Best regards,
Vilém Hořínek

#3. lss

Thanks. It was indeed a typo and so farunder the radar because Qt implitcly converted to int itself. That changed with just the last version of either PyQt or Python. Nobody knows.
Fixed in git.