Welcome to Laborejo Software Suite!

Last website update: 2023-12-10

Laborejo Software Suite is a group of programs to make music (and also the name of its main program). Everything is free in every sense of the word: free of cost, free to share and use, free of spyware or ads, free-and-open-source.

The programs have very different target groups. For example: while Laborejo itself is made for advanced composers with classical background Patroneo is made specificially for beginners who only know the very basics about music.


  • Laborejo: MIDI sequencer based on classical music notation
  • Tembro: All-In-One Instrument
  • Agordejo: Music and audio production session manager based on NSM.
  • Patroneo: Easy to use pattern based midi sequencer.

Help and Support

Every program has a comprehensive user manual in multiple languages.

You can write an e-mail to info@laborejo.org for any comment or question.

Legal Imprint

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